Expo Schedule

Cannabis Built By Black Expo 2020 

Virtual Expo via Hopin  | November 27th -30th 

Day 1: Culture

10 am: Introduction - Why Black Cannabis?
11AM: Women in Weed
1pm: Rastafari: Mary Jane Religion
2pm: For The People 
5pm: The Real OG’s
6: Closing Remarks

Day 2: Cannabis Wellness & Education

10am- Conscious Connections with Cannabis 

11am- Cannabis & Veterans 

12 - 1: LUNCH

1pm- Black Mental Health & Cannabis

3pm- Healing Space for BIPOC by Lizzy Jeff

5pm- Medical Cannabis Applications 

6pm: Closing Remarks

Day 3:Cannabis Business Education

9am- The Legal Cannabis Framework

11am- Raising Capital in Cannabis 

12- 1: LUNCH

1pm- Media and Representation in Cannabis 

3pm- Start Your Business in 30 Days

5pm- International Black Cannabis

6pm: Closing Remarks